In Conversation with Kylie Scott

If you’re a fan of hot, brilliantly written romance and erotica, you already know who Kylie Scott is. Crowned Australian Romance Writer of the Year by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association, she’s a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with a knack for captivating characters and sizzling storylines.

With her latest novel, ‘Twist’ launched on the 11th of April, you’re probably going to be hearing a lot about this Aussie literary sensation. With a book tour in full swing, it’s always hard to find time for a chat, but Kylie was lovely enough to sneak in an email interview with RoO’s Kylie.

Our review of ‘Twist’ will be live a little later on today.


Look, the most important question needs to start this off: there’s more in this series, right? We’ll get to see more from the Dive Bar?

Yes, there’s three books in the Dive Bar series!

Thank goodness for that!

Out of all the ‘Dive Bar’ series characters, do you have a favourite? Who and why?

You kind of have to fall in love with the hero and heroine you’re writing about at the time. Otherwise the book currently eating up your waking hours will drive you even nuttier than normal.

Valerie’s story was absolutely captivating. Given that we’re in a world where popular media is still wary of including people who aren’t white, straight, and cis, were you hesitant to have a transgender woman as such a vital character? And have readers responded well to her?

I think it’s important to include all sorts of people in our books. And I hope fans love her as much as I do.

What goes into creating your characters? Are they based on people you know or have seen? Are you the sort of writer with a Pinterest board of inspiration pics of hot guys?

They come from lots of different sources. People in real life, characters on TV or in movies, pictures of attractive guys. Generally characters are made of layers from all over the place. Their looks, their personalities and backgrounds…it’s a gradual thing to build them up into the person you see in the final copy.

You’ve clearly got a knack for creating characters it’s impossible not to care for- have you ever created a character that you thought would do their thing and vanish without a trace, but had the audience demanding more from them?

People are very reluctant to let go of Mal. I get asked a lot about him.

When you’re writing, which comes first for you: setting or characters? Do you create the bar, then populate it, or create the characters and build the world around them?

I honestly can’t remember. It’s probably different each time. Usually, it’s about a situation I want to explore.

How does a QLD woman find herself writing about a dive bar in America? Please tell me you had to research these kinds of places, and somewhere in the tax office there’s some poor accountant having to sign off on drinks at an American dive bar as research!

Oh absolutely. Research is the best part.


‘Twist’ is published through Pan Macmillan, and is available through all the leading retailers.


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