Twist by Kylie Scott

Review by Kylie Thompson

Genre: Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Alex Parks thinks she’s met Mister Right through online dating. Eric is smart, he’s funny, he’s absolutely gorgeous- the sort of guy she can tell her deepest secrets to, the sort of guy that leaves her checking for messages constantly. Best of all? He clearly likes her just as much as she likes him. So when she decides to show up to his birthday party as the ultimate surprise, she knows he’s gonna be thrilled.

Except for the part where Eric has no idea who she is. At all.

His big brother Joe, though? He knows exactly who Alex is. When Eric lost interest in online dating, Joe only meant to log on and shut the account down. Five minutes, at most, and it’d be done. But then he saw Alex.

Aside from the part where they live on opposite sides of the country, and the part where she thinks he’s Eric, Alex is Joe’s dream woman. She’s smart, she’s funny, and creative as hell- the sort of woman to keep him on his toes and keep him grinning like an idiot. So when the truth comes out in the most mortifying way possible, he knows he’s got to at least try and win her back.

‘Twist’ is sweet and spicy without being overblown, featuring a cocktail of characters you can’t help but love. These aren’t the old-school, easily-led damsel characters you might remember if you borrowed your Mum’s reading matter- Alex is headstrong, confident (if a little neurotic) and the sort of woman it’s far too easy to relate to.

Given how often people lie about themselves online, it can be incredibly hard to make a liar into a sympathetic, let alone attractive, character. Most of us have been infuriated by the anonymity and trolling that runs rampant online, so making your hero start and lose a relationship with such a monumental lie seems like an incredibly risky gamble. And yet Joe, for all his poor choices, is the sort of hero you can’t help but want to see win Alex’s heart.

In the Dive Bar series, Kylie Scott has given us a host of characters you can’t help but love. They’re flawed, at times damaged, but they’re real in a way that’s engaging as hell to see. The downside, of course, is that there are only three books planned for the series, and ‘Twist’ is book two. It certainly wouldn’t be hard to read far more about the makeshift family behind the bar, and though Scott has been quite firm about the trilogy format, I live in hope.

If you like your romance with a shot of good whiskey, and your characters strong, sexy, capable, and more than willing to kick ass, chances are high you’re going to love ‘Twist’.

‘Twist’ is published by Pan Macmillan Australia, and is available at leading retailers both online and off.


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