Meet Your Word Nerds

Reviewers of Oz is a team effort by a kick-ass group of writers with a ridiculous level of book-love. Want to know a little more about your hosts? Read on…


Jackie Smith is a freelance journalist, editor and proof-reader based in Brisbane.  Her work has been published through a variety of local and national media outlets, and can be found on her new blog, Jackie Smith Writes. Follow her on Twitter (@jasmith_89) for regular updates.


50s smurf

Kylie Thompson is an unapologetic book hugger, penmonkey, and coffee fiend. When she’s not hiding beneath a mountain of books, ranting gleefully about a host of books, movies, and TV shows, or Instagraming her neurotic cat, she can usually be found scribbling furiously into notebooks. You can see more of her writing at Scenestr, Hush Hush Biz, and at her blog, Writerly Scrawls. Follow her on Twitter (@writerlyscrawls) only if you enjoy randomness.



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